About the project

A story about the greatest ramen ever sold when a dejected young office worker stumbles across a small ramen shop on his commute home. Inspired by an incredible ramen chef and friend during my time spent living in Japan.

This animation was a project made during my final year studying Media Arts Production at the University of Technology Sydney. It was heavily influenced by the experiences and amazing people I met during my one year stay in Sapporo, Japan. I tried to apply the minimalist forms of Japanese art into the design and rendering process of the animation.

All the characters were rigged and animated in Maya with the final rendering done with mental ray.


Directed and animated by
Michael Chen

Rough Audio Cut
Stephen Layton

Final Sound Mix/Music
Michael Chen

Sound effects

Special Thanks

Masahide Masuda
Danbi Cho
Lisa Hong Liu
Andrew Taylor
Matthew Austin
University of Technology Sydney
Ramen Dojo Kiwami


  • Sydney Opera House Graphic Festival 2012 Peoples Choice Award
  • Melbourne International Animation Festival Australian Panorama Screening